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How to attach email answer automatically to related ticket based on the processID in subject.

Created: 14 Feb 2013 | 1 comment


I was looking for instruction how I could change process so that when ticket is received by email with processID in subject line( like [IM-00009] blaablaa) then it would be automatically attached to the current ticket with id IM-00009. If ticket is not found then it would go back normal email classification process. 

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If I'm understand the question correctly, you'd want to make this change in the email monitor process, not the inbound management. The email is processed by the monitor first, and if it can't verify that it's a new incident creation or match up a process guid to an existing ticket, it sends the email to the inbound management process. If you are trying to force a match before it goes to inbound management by checking something other than the default, you'll want to do it in email monitor.

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