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How to automate a selection list in Backup Exec 2012 using PowerShell

Created: 21 Sep 2012 | 3 comments


My client is running Backup Exec 2012 (14.0 Rev. 1798) 64-bit on Windows Server 2008 R2 Data Centre Edition.

I have a backup job that runs daily and is about 1Tb in size. All the data to be backed up is on the local drive (files and folders).

The list of files to be backed up each day changes (files are created by an application and gives them randonmly generated file names) and so I find myself having to go into the job and manually edit the selections each day prior to the job running.

Not all the files in the folder are to be backed up and moving the files I do want to backup out into another directory will cause the application to stop functioning.

I searched the forums and found this article on setting up BEMCLI in Powershell

I have followed these instructions but I'm not sure what to do next as I'm a complete Powershell virgin...

I would appreciate some advice in how to begin writing a Powershell script that will select the files I want to backup each day for me or perhaps there is another solution that doesnt required a script to achieve what I want.

Thanks for your time.


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Once a week take a full backup and on other days run incrementals.

Incremental job will backup the files which are either modified or created after full backup.

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Hi AmolZeroCool,

Thanks for the fast response. This was the point that I started from. I cannot do a full backup as the job size exceeds the tape capacity (even with compression). I manage the client remotely and so do not have physical access to change the tapes myself. The tapes are on a daily rotation so I would need to wait for the following day before a full backup could continue onto the next tape... This is not an acceptable solution for the customer as they require a daily backup.

I know the logical choice would be to buy a backup device with a larger capacity, however I must work with what I have.

Can you offer an alternative solution to my problem?

Thanks for your time.


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You can do a backup which exclude files which are not accessed within 1 day.  See the screenshot below (ignore the red circles).   You need to select Exclude and then the last option "Files not access in 1 day".  This will exclude all the files from previous days.

To get to this screen in the backup selection screen, righ-click on the setver and select Include/Exclude.