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How to - Backing up Hyper-V and VMware environments

Created: 27 Sep 2012 • Updated: 25 Mar 2014 | 12 comments
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Are you are looking to find information on the most common tasks related to backing up Hyper-V  and VMware environments using Symantec Backup Exec 2012? Here are the two consolidated articles - Hyper-V and VMware that lists out:

- Top Knowledge Base articles
- Top Videos
- Top Getting Started Articles
- Top Troubleshooting Articles
- Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Administrator's Guide

Check them out!

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I have been able to do complete backups and restores of my hyper-v vms with Backup Exec 2012.  I can restor whole vms and vhds, but I cannot find where to restor a file or folder from within my vm backups?  What am I missing?  I have the grt on. 

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The agent needs to be installed only when an application GRT needs to be performed. For example Exchange , SQL , Sharepoint resources. For a normal file level backup , there os no need for remote agent to be installed on the guest operating system. 

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I am new to Backup Exec as a result having problems backing up and ESXi environment.

Basically I am starting a job and have a problem with credentials (see below), I can access the actual ESXi server, however when I try to access the host using the expected credentials it fails.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


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Wheres the tick box for VMware backups for skipping errors - I can't trust it at present, because it takes 12 hours to do a backup and has failed part way through in the past.

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Check out this blog entry as well:

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I read in the best practises for VMs article that you should create 2 jobs one with GRT and one without for SQL Dbases, Linux etc.

If I am backing up at Vcentre level, and new VMs are added automatically, how do I ensure they are added to the correct job?



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Hi Swathi,

I guess you may provide more links of the same topic. I have added one.

 -Top Knowledge Base articles
- Top Videos
- Top Getting Started Articles
- Top Troubleshooting Articles -
- Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Administrator's Guide -


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all the VMs use the root account to be accessed? root used to be used to access the ESX host and not the rest of VMs, for the VMs use the credentials assigned to the operating system as administrator, also you can specify the credentials used to certaing services suchs as Exchange, SQL, and so on.

For GRT enabled backups, you must specify the source credential account with admin rights. Exchange Admin, SQL Admin whatever you use.

please check at the admin guide, the VMware and Hyper-V agent sections specify what credentials must be used and the sections for applications specify what other credentials are needed for each GRT enabled backup.

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just run ur backup it will be successful if yes report it pls