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How to backup to LTO-3 tape dynamically generated file with BE 2010

Created: 17 May 2010 • Updated: 18 Jun 2010 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

I've got a directory that I'd like to backup into LTO-3 tape daily incremental and full once in a week automatically by using Backup Exec 2010, the challenge is that the filename is generated uniquely daily for this 3rd party backup file, see the following:

   Directory: B:\Backup\Veeam

Mode         LastWriteTime       Length Name                             

----         -------------       ------ ----                             

-a---  5/14/2010  11:52 PM 202993213952 Backup Job 1.vbk                 

-a---  5/11/2010  11:54 PM   5458996224 Backup Job 12010-05-10T230040.vrb

-a---  5/12/2010  11:54 PM   6051271680 Backup Job 12010-05-11T230047.vrb

-a---  5/14/2010  12:00 AM   7899863040 Backup Job 12010-05-12T230038.vrb

-a---  5/14/2010  11:51 PM   5564594176 Backup Job 12010-05-13T230049.vrb

-a---  5/14/2010   8:24 PM 439916953088 Backup Job 2.vbk                 

-a---  5/11/2010   7:05 PM  19322449408 Backup Job 22010-05-10T180043.vrb

-a---  5/12/2010   7:08 PM  19954415616 Backup Job 22010-05-11T180045.vrb

-a---  5/13/2010   7:04 PM  20117406720 Backup Job 22010-05-12T180040.vrb

-a---  5/14/2010   7:34 PM  37726033920 Backup Job 22010-05-13T180044.vrb

-a---  5/15/2010   1:45 AM  27360673280 Backup Job 3.vbk                 

-a---   5/8/2010   1:47 AM  27378546688 Backup Job 32010-05-08T010050.vbk

-a---  5/17/2010   3:42 PM  10977410560 Backup Job 4.vbk    

can anyone suggest or know that this is impossible to do in BE 2010 ?


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pkh's picture

Just select the directory (not individual files) to backup and BE 2010 will detect any new files created and back them up.

sazz.'s picture

Yes what you have to do is first run a full backup(weekend) for the particular directory and then you can run the incrementals from monday to friday and the files that are getting changed or getting created new will be backed up.

In case you want to restore one file you restore from the incremental backup or in case you want to restore the complete data then run the full restore and then the subsequent incremental in the same order.

Symanticus's picture

oh, is that simple :-o 

because when I select the directory name, it seems that it only backups whatever in the checked items, hopefully new files can also be included into this backup.

or at least i need to create a separate directory for each backup job set :-)

Thanks guys for your suggestion.

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