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How to block browser advertisement in Mozilla Firefox ,Google chrome and internet explorer.

Created: 05 Aug 2013 | 13 comments
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How to block browser advertisement in Mozilla Firefox ,Google chrome and  internet explorer.

When I open browser I get multiple advertisement with browser page how we can block this by Symantec endpoint protection.

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With Symantec Endpoint Protection you cannot block advertisements which show up in your browsers. There are many browser plugins that provide such features.



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Please check with below articles.

How to block perticular website in SEPM

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Thats not a pop up its the part of the webpage, You dont be able to disable using SEP

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How to block all website and allow only certain websites using Network Threat Protection Firewall rule.

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The add does not look like originating from the website itself ( - please check the enabled and running addins in the browser - possible one of them is loading the ads.

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Agreed. If you look closely it says "Ads not by this site".

Browser Intrusion Prevention can help stop malicious attacks coming in via supported browsers, but for general ad-blocking... I'd also agree that there are some good browser-specific ad blocking plug-ins/add-ons out there.

Expected behavior of Browser Intrusion Prevention

Supported Browser versions for Browser Intrusion Prevention


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HI All,

I got hardening policy in ADC but it is only for internet explorer

name of policy below mention

Prevent registration of new Toolbars

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Here is the link to download hardened ADC policy.

Article: Hardening Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) with an Application and Device Control Policy to increase security

This is important point from the list:

4. Prevents Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox from writing code to WINDIR and Program Files, including subdirectories, also prevents Internet Explorer from launching code except in WINDIR and Program Files

Apart from this,

Use the latest version of explorer.

Use the latest service pack with latest microsoft patches.

Update third party software if there any.

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You're better off using an add-in for the specific browser type. Firefox and Chrome have some good ones.

SEP will only block websites/links. Advertisements use a bit different coding for this.

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It is a part of the web page (mostly on a flash kind of application) and it cannot be block by SEP.



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Is this poosible for N360 & NIS?

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