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how to block youtube

Created: 22 Feb 2012 | 9 comments
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any help on this issue.. i have in my black list but unfortunatleyit is not blocked

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I asume you are testing the blacklist against the URL into your browser.

how did you setup you blacklist entry? Is the category you specified into the blacklist set as block into the corresponding policy? i.e If you set the blacklist entry as Severity minor/Category Custom Restricted List 1 and Custom Restricted List 1 and minor are set to monitor into the policy that triggers when you test, the result is not going to be a block.

I'd suggest you check the custom reports to see what policy is triggering and troubleshoot the problem.

Btw, I tested a blacklist for and it does work fine. I used critical and Custom Restricted List 1 that is set to block in the policy that applies to my test machine.



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if you want to block youtube or any other site using SEPM,first you have to creat the fire wall policy in sepm to block the required sites ,and you have to impliment these policy on the computer for which you want to block

here is the procedure 

Log in to SEPM consoloe,on the left side you can see Clients Tab, just click on that and in view clients ,select "My company" and Right Click on that and select Add Group and give the required Name like YOUTUBE and click ok,after this you can see the group YOUTUBE in View clients , just select This and in the righ side you can see Policies,select that and uncheck inherit policies and settings from parent group,

select fire wall policy under location specific policies , then Click RUles on the left side, then select add Blank Rule  ,then you can see this in the firewall Rules List ,just change the name of this for identification, then double click on  HOST ,then select Sourc or destination  and write "youtube" or "" in Remote host by adding and click ok.

now you have created the policies for YOUTUBE GROUP ,then select the required computer in Default group and move that to your You TUBE Group and update Symantec Antivirus in the clients.

it will block the site

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hi, thanks for the reply ..what is SEPM

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find attached the entry

screenshot.doc 112 KB
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the blacklist entry alone is not enough to see where the problem is. Please have a look at the following screenshots and compare with what you see on your test.

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What mode is your SWG in? Do the reports populate with any data?

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inline + proxy

i have been able to block youtube by block the category.  but i wanted to block it by only using blacklist.