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How can find out last three days of new agent has been installed and send me email

Created: 26 Jun 2013 | 1 comment

Is anyway I can have email message send to me every morning with altiris agent installed for last three day?

I used to have NS6.0 then I have this setup, but right now I am on NS7.1 I don't know how to configure through console.

Can everyone tell me how to do this?



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Hi Lillian,

There is a report under Notification Server Management\Agent called "Agents Installed in the last N Days". You could set the N value to 3, or clone it and then set the value to 3. The report can then be used in an Automation Policy- you could create a new one, specify report as the data source & under actions select send email task- Jobs & Tasks\Samples\Notification Server. You'd also need to configure email settings for NS under Settings\Notification Server Settings\E-mail. Main thing is to have an SMTP server to specify, surely an organization has serveral at its disposal .)

I hope this helps, let me know in case of any questions.