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How can I create Monitor Policies to monitor running applications and services?

Created: 25 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi everyone,

I'm very much new to using Monitor Solution.  I have created a policy to monitor an application (msiexec.exe) and a running service (Remote Desktop Services) on SMP 7.0.  I managed to create the policy, add the detection to Process Running for msiexec and action to Log Monitor Solution NT Event, but I don't really know where and how to see the results.sad

I just want a policy to detect if the process and service is running then send a log or an email.

I refered to the article (different SMP version I cannot relate to) and the user guide Altiris™ Monitor Solution from Symantec User’s Guide Version 7.0, but somehow I don't think I'm doing it right.   

Can somebody explain the correct steps in doing this?

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, lets look at the Remote Desktop Services service which is TermService. You would first start by creating a new agent based policy. Name it RemoteDesktop Service.

1. Click on the blue + sign to add a rule.

2. Click yellow * select Metric.

3. Give it a name and description and select a category.

4. Click on yellow * and then click on Select metric

5. Click on New, select Windows Service, give it a name and Put "TermService" in Service Name. Click Ok

6. Select TermService in the list. Click ok.

7. Condition: Is not Equal to

    Value Type: Constant

    Value: Running

8 Click ok, click Ok again, Select "TermService" in the Rule window. Under Actions, Set Severity to: Major (or whatever severity you would like) Click ok

9. Select  Actions tab, select what severity you set, (normal, undetermined, info, warning, major, critical)

10 Task server: Click on blue +. Select Monitoring and Alerting, Monitor,  Tasks, Send Email.

11. Make sure info is correct in the email To:, CC: etc. click ok.

12. Apply to computers that you want policy to be applied to.

13. Make sure policy is turned on and save changes.

14. Update NS agent and the agents on the computers you applied policy to.

This Policy will alert you via email as well as an alert in the Event Console anytime the Remote Desktop Service is not running.

 You could then create a task that would restart the service if it detects it not running.

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Hi RobertBaggitt!

Thank you so much for this steps!  I appreciate the effort you put in to this!smiley

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Hello Bob,

Great job on posting step by step procedure to follow.