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How Can I Disable DMP?

Created: 06 Apr 2009 • Updated: 10 Dec 2010 | 4 comments
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I have a customer who installed HDLM along with Storage Foundation 5 on a Solaris 10 server.  Not surprisingly, they had issues.  Now they want to keep HDLM and Volume Manager but disable DMP.  While I do not agree with this approach, I've been given the task to disable DMP.

So, I know I can use vxdmpadm exclude vxdmp to exclude controllers from being considered by DMP.  My question is, is there a way to completely disable DMP altogether, or is excluding disks the best way to go?  I've found references on the Symantec support site that discuss disabling DMP for earlier versions of Storage Foundation but nothing that relates to SF 5.

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so the exclusion is persistent, you might create file /etc/vx/vxdmp.exclude.

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Excluding with vxdmpadm creates entries in the /etc/vx/vxdmp.exclude file, so those changes are persistent.  I was looking to see if there was another way to completely disable DMP so it would not be necessary to update the exclude list if the host recognized disks on another controller.

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DMP is not an optional component in the 5.0 release so it is no longer possible to completely disable DMP.


Rick Stallcop

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Digging further into HDLM I learned that HDLM includes a utility, dlmvxexclude, that automatically generates exclude file entries.  The technique is to generate an entry for each path but one for the /etc/vx/vxvm.exclude file for every device HDLM controls.  While effective, the downside is that every time you add a device to HDLM, you have to re-run dlmvxexclude -- and reboot.