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How can I get a list of the backup sets on my deduplication storage in Excel?

Created: 30 Apr 2014 | 3 comments

Hi, we have two deduplication storage. One on-site, the other off-site, where we duplicate the backups to for disaster recovery.

A while ago we had some issues where the duplication failed of the backups to the off-site dedup.
Now we have a huge difference in free space. 1 TB against 9 TB.

I would like to compare both dedups to see what is missing on the off site dedup.

Is there a way to get a list of all backup sets present on both dedups for easy comparison?

Kind regards,

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You'd have to look at the following:

1. Either a report that is canned with BE and tells you what is contained in your media;

2. Creating a customised report that tells you what you want to know.


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Hi Craig,

thank you for your response.

I wish it was that simple...
I tried to find the report for it, but the only thing I can find is what is backed up to tape, not the dedup storage.
Also looked into the creation of a custom report, but that still only checks tape media and not the dedup.

I even tried to query the SQL database for the information I need, but I can't find out which tables hold the information I need. It seems the backup sets are only visible in the database with their GUID and not a friendly name.

You would think that if it's possible to view a list of all backup sets in BE, it would be easy to export that list, but unfortunately it's not.


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So then you have the following options:

1. Log the call with Symantec and ask them to assist. They don't publish details of the BEDB tables at all.

2. Look for a 3rd party application like Solarwinds Backup Profiler (I think it is now rolled up into Solarwinds Storage Manager). This works like an absolute charm and you can trial it. I used this to report on 30+ servers I looked after.


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