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How can I ghost an encrypted volume without taking up 40GB of space and 6 hours to do it

Created: 07 Jul 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

I am working on creating images for my company and have had great success using the ghostcast functions in GSS 1.0.  Now I have been required to add encryption to the hard drives using TrueCrypt.  It currently takes about 6 hours to encrypt a hard drive once the ghosting is done.  How can I Ghost the hard drive, post encryption, while still using the Sysprep Function.  I also need to keep the image size down and try to keep the time for ghosting close to where it is now.  Currently the images are about 2GB, and take about 8 minutes to transfer.

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Is this whole disk encryption or an encrypted volume? (I've read TrueCrypt supports both.) Is there a separate boot partition and is it encrypted or not?

There's a few different possibilities. One if you just have an encrypted volume is to use Ghost 11.5's new O/S volumes feature to clone into the the volume as mounted by the operating system. Another is to add TrueCrypt support to a WinPE image and use that to clone the disk. There may also be INT13 DOS support for TrueCrypt? In which case it could be done from DOS.


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This is much harder. Possibly you could create a Ghost boot disk based on the TrueCrypt rescue disk and use that to clone the encrypted system. This isn't something we've tested, so I don't know how well it will work.