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How can i schedule auto inventory ? please tell me step by step?

Created: 30 Jun 2013 • Updated: 08 Sep 2013 | 9 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


i want to schedule autoinventory for Tape Library daily at 4:30 pm


win serv 2003 32 bit

1.i need step by step help there any way to schedule it through NETBACKUP GUI?

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There is no way to schedule an autoinventory, but you may put the below command in a script trigerred using cron to run at a specific time.

vmupdate -rt tld -rn 0 -h -rh -use_barcode_rules -empty_map

Please refer ""

If its a Windows server, you may use task scheduler.


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1.a script trigerred using cron to run at a specific time. ?       

what its mean ? time is not mentioned in this command. we can use a task scheduler?please guide also

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What is the Operating system of NBU server where you would be running this command?

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You should never have to schedule an auto-inventory.

If the robot is getting out-of-sync with NBU something is wrong and that should be fixed.


Regards,  Martin
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win server 2003  32 bit

as in first post i mentioned

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robot is fine, 

only daily i have to run inventory manually 

so i want to schedule it auto , so that no need to run inventory daily after changing the tapes

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Daily changing of tapes is a manual task and cannot be automated. Why should inventory be automated? What if operator starts a bit late with tape change? Or is not yet finished by the time inventory is done by a script/scheduler?

Inventory should be the final step in an operator's task list.

Another way is to ONLY use NBU to eject tapes (robot and NBU will be updated) and only use MAP/CAP to enter tapes.

AUTO_UPDATE_ROBOT in vm.conf on robot control host and on Windows Admin Console (if you are not using Master server console for day-to-day management) will automatically empty MAP and update NBU config shortly after MAP door is closed.

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Put the command in a text file and rename the file as file_inventory.bat

Then schedule a task using a task scheduler ""

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I have never done this on my own as the other members on this forum have pointed out. As this practice is not normally followed. Thanks Marianne, the AUTO_UPDATE_ROBOT is a useful info for me:)