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How can I search and export in Discovery Accelerator

Created: 29 Jul 2010 • Updated: 17 Nov 2010 | 12 comments
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I tried following some documentation but I must be missing something basic. I am trying to search specific archives in my vault using discovery accelerator and export the findings to PST files but cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. Any help is greatly appeciated. I am using Enterprise Vault 8.0.2 for Exchange. I have DA installed and have run searches but cannot figure out how to export the data.

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To export data from DA do the following

Open the DA client

Click on cases
Select your case from the left side of the screen
You will see a list of your searches in the screen below Export/Production
Select the search in question
Click on New (to create a new export)
Fill in the form that appears and also make sure you select export and not production also select the search you wish to export and where to export the items to

Click apply

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I am starting from scratch :) So i create a case and assign a search to it?

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Oh sorry

Create a new case and select the archives that the case will search against and hit save

Next select the search from the left side of the screen and on the top right select searches
Click on new search and input the search criteria and click Save this will start the search

When the search completes perform the afore mentioned steps

Do you know how to perform searches?

Sounds like you are new to DA

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i create a new case, but it does not allow me to choose specific archives only vaults. I chose my vault store. now ehn I rightclick on the case name in the left pane, the new search option is greyed out. I attached a screenshot.

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Looks like you dont have the required permission to create cases

Are you the system admin?

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I click on Home, select Manage or Create Roles, click on Role Assignment, highlight my account and it says I'm a  Discovery System Admin

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Chec kunder Roles and see what right s the system admin has. If i remember correctly they dont have case rights as default so you will need to grant that to the role

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Discovery System Admin states "Lets you perform all administrative activities within Discovery Accelerator. These activities include creating and managing cases  assigning application-wide roles to users  and bulk loading data using XML files. " That's the role I have.

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Sorry you misunderstood

 click on Application, select  Roles, click on Discovery System Admin on the left.

On the right check the permissions granted to that role If you are going to be doing stuff like creating cases and exporting and all that nice stuff i recommend you allow all for the role the click Save

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well I figured it out, not sure how, but I was able to create a search in research and assign it to a  case and I got all the tabs, especifically the archive and export ones. My only concern now is that I have different results between discovery accelerator search and ev web console search :). Thanks for you help

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Step me through the process you are following please there must be something missing