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How can i view Incidents on DLP ?

Created: 31 Oct 2013 | 6 comments
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Hello All,

Please i need help, my problem is :

I create a policy and rule intervention for Endpoint, and i test it, it's OK

But i don't see anything on Incident Endpoint.

Please how can i put a configuration to view incident on Enforce Server.


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Did you log into Enforce as Administrator or other user that have the rights to review incident?

You can review the incidents from DLP Enforce's Incidents tab.

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Hello Mavericks SYS

From a troubleshooting perspective i would check the following :

  • The endpoint is connected to the network hosting the Endpoint Server, it may be the endpoint could not send incident information over
  • The role you are logged into Enforce as has access to view Endpoint Incidents
  • You are looking at the "Endpoint" section of reports (not Network or Discover)
  • Ensure the incidents are not being filtered out by the report you are using. 

How do you know your testing is working on the endpoint - do you get a notification / block message?



Steve Randall

Senior Technical Education Consultant

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can yopu see incident tab on the enforcer console?

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In addition to the suggestions above, check endpoint - incidents all and see if you see the data there.  

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You Login on Enforce with Administrator account? 

Check the comunication between enforcer and the Endpoint client.

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When I have problems like this, it is typically because I am changing the status on the incidents and the default status is new...