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how can use vvr on vcs(without gco option)?

Created: 08 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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I know " VCS+VVR+GCO" solution,and I made it 3 days ago.But don't know whether can VCS support VVR without GCO option?

In" 2nodes+2arrays" environment,If one array uses FC DISK,and one uses SATA Disk,It will influence writing performance with VXVM Mirror feature,so want to use asyn replication,not syn mirror.

If yes,please share the guide.....


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Hi Ricky,

Without GCO, it is as good as two independent clusters (in your case two 1 node cluster). There will be no communication between the two clusters which means no coordinated failover/failback/switch and there is no protection from concurrency violations.

If you can afford synchronous replication between the two and if failover between the nodes can be configured as auto then , I would suggest RDC configuration (RDC - Replicated data cluster). You may not require any additional licenses.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Ranjit,

RDC require VVR?RDC can work in one cluster domain?



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RDC is a single cluster, where data is replicated instead of being shared across the nodes in the cluster. If you have access to VCS user guide, please refer to the document for more details.

VVR is required for replicating the data.

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An RDC can work with any replication technology that there is a replication agent for.  To have manually initiated failover between the 2 nodes, whether you ue GCO or RDC, you need a HA/DR licence and I think you may need HA/DR licence, just to use the VVR agent, but without GCO, you would not want to use the VVR agent as you have no coordination between nodes and therefore you don't want VCS automatically promoting to primary, so, you can have VVR between 2 nodes and VCS at just primary node, VCS at both nodes or neither node and then to use the other node you have to manually do a VVR takeover or migrate to use the VVR secondary.   This works better if you have 2 nodes at primary site and only one at the other so the chances of failing across sites is slim, but with only 2 nodes, it is really better to have coordinated failover using GCO or RDC.  The are some other discussions on GCO v RDC:


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