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How can you reset the Vault remotley?

Created: 08 Mar 2013 • Updated: 27 Mar 2013 | 13 comments
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Hi, I am trying to figure out a way to reset the enterprise vault remotley. I have dozens of calls a day cause the cache is corrupted. I am looking for a easier way to reset the cache. Currently I have to remote in the machine, open outlook, then hold down shift and reset the EV client and restart outlook. I cannot get to the HKEY Local user remotley. Is their anything that I could make that could do this from my PC so I won't have to remote in?

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I guess the thing to do would be figure out why you have so many folks with Vault Cache issues.

What version of EV and Client are you using?

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I wouldn't recommend doing it remotely due to the fact they could have items awaiting to upload and then you blast the vault cache and you've caused data loss

Nearly everytime I've seen *widespread* corruption with vault cache it's always been antivirus, so make sure you exclude the users vault cache from being scanned by the AVS especially On Access scanning

Always make sure that you can upgrade them to the latest client as well as there tends to be a boat load of VC/VV related fixes included

And also how are you determining corruption? Is it just that the cache fails to sync? Cos it could be something as simple as not having enough sync slots on the server

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I'll check what version Monday. Client will be a yellow banner and not able to see any emails in the vault. Or their will be a balloon on the bottom right corner by the clock that says vault cache corrupt. The cache reset always fixes the problem every time.

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Check AV exclusions, that would be my first bet

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Well the admin doesnt have the ability to go to the registry remotely, so it would be up to the end user to do.
So in which case the best bet is to teach the users how to reset it themselves, but again can lead to data loss and doesn't address the issue of why so much corruption is happening

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Agreed with JW3, Realistically you can come up with a remote way to do it, but that is just masking a problem.  Do you want to keep resetting VC or fix the issue causing the corruption?

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Have a look at the following document I wrote, it explains how to diagnose client Vault Cache issues and how to fix a number of known issues (including one around file corruption). 

It's a living document that we'll try to keep updated with any new fixes/known issues as time goes on.

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So, your saying when Symantec does its weekly scan have it skip over that file? That scan could be corrupting it?

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Yes, any AV solution could corrupt the Vault Cache.

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I've seen it with Symantec, mcafee and trend micro, and it could be purely coincidence that stopping the av from scanning it stopped the corruption, but it'd be a massive coincidence

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Guys, we are actually excluding the Vault when scanning. Also we are on version:

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I'll chime in here.  Are you using SEP?  I've seen some situations where SEP will not properly exclude things.  Here are some caveats I found about SEP exclusions:

a. When you exclude file types, this is a post process for SEP.  It will still scan the files, but will ignore them.  Unfortunately, the damage could already be done at that point.

b. Due to SEP scanning at a kernal level, %USERPROFILE% cannot be used since that is only available when a user is logged in.

I would make sure your exclusions are set to specific target locations and not rely on file types if this is the case.

I hope this helps.