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How to Cancel PGP Universal Key Export process

Created: 28 Nov 2011 • Updated: 29 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

While trying to export 1 PGP Public key, I inadvertently kicked off an export request for that is exporting all the internal public keys on our Universal Server!  Yikes!!!  This is clobbering the server CPU and I cannot find the best way to cancel it.

Restarting services looks like it will just resume this process.

Does anyone know the best way to cancel this?  Also, where the heck are the exported keys being written/stored? (It never prompted me for location where this export will go?)


Resolution found - Symantec PGP support - Restarting the Database services evidently cancelled the process and fixed this.

Suggestion: - It might be good idea to have these sorts of hints and tips/instructions for "stopping stuff" included in the Administrator Guides.
The guides tell you how to start things, but not how to stop or cancel them...nothing is availabel in the normal Admin interface to either view or control the running processes. Only evidence was hte CPU Spike and the the logs.

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Hi Anne,

I agree with you; Administrator should be able to monitor and stop all request if necesary. I hope developement team take this in consideration for next releases.

Meanwhile, the fast way to do this , is rebooting server or restarting services.

Thanks for the information.

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