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How to capture PDFCreator using SWV 6.4.1550?

Created: 26 Jan 2012 | 7 comments


We've been using SWV 6.4.1266 for a long time but now we've seen that the 6.4.1550 version (6.1 SP7 MP2) has resolved the issue for capturing PDF printers (Fixed an issue that caused Spoolsv.exe process to delete a registry key that causes PDF printer software to fail).

So we're thinking again in capture PDFCreator but we would like to know if someone has the right steps for capturing this program and have the printer working properly (with other printers installed in the base: network or local ones).

Our latest notes from the last capture attempt (in april 2011) uses the trick of having "spoolsv.exe" as an auto-start application). Is this necessary with this new version of SWV?

Any idea, comment or tip would be very appreciated.


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Tested and it doesn't work. Printing in "PDFCreator" virtual printer and nothing happens.

Any success with this program or another similar for PDF creation?


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And also had no success too.  We tried using a derivative of the custom printer virtualization guide that was created as an article on here, but it just never worked successfully and instead created a silent install non virtual script that adds Adobe Professional to the system.

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Well, using SWV for 1,5 years and can't yet capture properly a PDF Printer. We also have Adobe Acrobat installed silently by setup in the base when deploying the computer. Not virtual at all.

We hope some at Symantec can virtualize "PDF Creator" and write an step-by-step guide (in our case for Windows 7 x86).

Thanks anyway.

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Did you try stopping and restarting the print spooler service after activating the layer?

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As EdT said you need to stop an start the print spooler after activating it (unless you're doing an activate on system startup) but on top of that you still need to follow my guide for capturing a printer into a layer.  SWV still can't track the printer install by default--we just fixed the issue with the keys being deleted.

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before capture, delete all printers through control panel, stop the spooler, clean out the '%WINDIR%\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86' dir of all files and start the spooler.

Do a global capture, install, stop the spooler and stop capture.

You could use swv events like this to restart the spooler:

onpostactivate – ‘%WINDIR%\System32\cmd.exe /c net stop spooler /y&&wait&&net start spooler
onpostdeactivate – ‘%WINDIR%\System32\cmd.exe /c net stop spooler /y&&wait&&net start spooler

You can move all PDFCreator user regs (ghostscript paths etc) to the HKLM part, except:

Software\PDFCreator\Program PrinterTempPath (REG_SZ)=<temp>\PDFCreator

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We usually package PDF Creator "normally" and add 4 On-Events

OnPreActivate "net stop spooler"

OnPostActivate "net start spooler"

OnPreDeactivate "net stop spooler"

OnPostDeactivate "net start spooler".

This way you can be quite certain the spooler never ends up in an unstable state.