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How to change a aix from a client to a master server

Created: 15 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

Now i have a master server and a client on aix.

I want to remover the master server from the setting  and change the client to the master.But i need to reserve the policy of the client .

Besides  resetup  the master server on the client and config the policy,is there any other ways to achieve this?For example migration。

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I'm not sure that I fully understand your requirement. This is my understanding - please correct me if I'm wrong:

So, you have one AIX server and another AIX machine installed with Client software?
You want to turn the AIX client into a Master?
What will happen with the existing Master? and the backups already taken by the existing Master?

To migrate a Unix (AIX) master to new/different hardware, please see TECH77448 above - you will have to remove existing NBU software, rename the server at OS level to match existing master server name, backup catalog on existing master server and then recover catalog on new server.

If I misunderstood your requirement, please give detailed info....

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