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How to change the domain and name of a Netbackup Media Server 7

Created: 27 Feb 2013 • Updated: 14 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi Guys,

I am going to change the name and the domain of my netbackup media server which I use to backup my clients and where I have all my policies created.

I wanted to know if there is a way i can re-configure it without having to un-install the entire setup and re-creating all the policies again!



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if you are taking about only Media server, then you have options.

1) set alias name for the media server in EMM server

use below command to set the Machinealias.

nbemmcmd -machinealias [-addalias -alias string -machinename string] [-deletealias -alias string] [-deleteallaliases -machinename string] [-getaliases -machinename string] -machinetype api | app_cluster |cluster | master | media | ndmp

other then setting alias you does not needs  do anyting more.

2) reconifgure the media server after changing the name

2nd option require below steps.

decomm the old media server

configure the Media server with New name

you would need to cofigure all devices and stoarge devices and also update your policy storage units with updated one.

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Best way to decom and configure it again.

 I use to backup my clients and where I have all my policies created.

Are you just planning to change the name of media or master?? It seems you are changing the master.

The policies/clients and the database is on the Master server and it will not impact the policies at all. If you are selecting any available media server and have other available media servers then backup will also run without issues.

If you are planning to change the name of master this is out of scope of this forum and symantec tech support. You have to get in touch with Symantec consulting.

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I have the suspicion that you are talking about your Master Server (which may also be a media server)

If that is the case then you cannot change its name (or domain if it is named using a FQDN)

You have two options - start again (there are some proceedures to help you transfer images across to the new server if you wish) OR engage a Specialist Symantec partner that is authorised to perform catalog manipulation for you. They will be able to take you old catalogs and convert it across to you new server name etc. without you loosing any of you backups / polciies etc.

Hope this helps

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