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How change the main URL of the enterprise vault

Created: 28 Jul 2011 • Updated: 30 Aug 2011 | 13 comments
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I try find help on the forum, because the technote from the support give nothing.

We are on EV9.1 for exchange 2003 using both outlook client and Outlook Web access client,  all work's fine.

But when we made the installation it take by default, the local domain name of my server for all the url (into outlook client and OWA acces). My local domain name are not set up for requesting by "internet" only by our lan network.

We want to open the enterprise vault option to the internet, for that we have to change the URL link of the archive option. (search, archive, open etc etc)

Today when we try to open an archive outside the lan, it dont work becaue he try to open a unknow domain name.

Today exemple :\enterprisevault... etc etc etc work into the lan but are not open for outside acces and will not.

We have that are set to be acces to internet, with the correct alias for enterprise vault. So we want to change by

We try this technote   but with no succes.

If you have any idea to help to made this change.

Thanks by advanced,


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JesusWept3's picture

Your best bet is Link Translation via ISA or which ever firewall you would use

Also that technote is horrible, don't use it.

DelphineFR's picture

you mean that we could not change this configuration on Enterprise vault console or sql way?? could not be true isnt it ?

I only want to change the url link, not use the both?

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The technote you reference shows only how to change the virtual directory name of the EV site, not the computer FQDN.

You can change the FQDN of the EV servers in the ComputerEntry table in the Directory database, but that will only affect shortcuts from that point forward.  It will also change the URLs for the search and archive explorer links, both in your Outlook client and in OWA, so make sure this is what you want.

You will need to make sure that your internal users can resolve the external FQDNs of the EV servers using their inside DNS servers.  For example, when your users click their archive explorer button, it will open the page  Your internal DNS server should have a forward lookup zone for resolving the EV servers to internal IP addresses.

There is a way to change the web.config file on the CAS server so that when you click the Archive Explorer or Search buttons, it will your outside domain name, but I'm having trouble finding the technote now.  Maybe someone here knows offhand.

DelphineFR's picture

it that I want to do!

thanks, I will check this "computerEntry" table.

The outside domainename are available and we want to use it for all EV user (lan, wan, internet etc etc)

Thanks, I'll you know if it work!

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Here's the technote to change the URLs of Archive Explorer and Archive Search in OWA:

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i'm triing to understand.

On the table "ComputerEntry"

I have many thing, computerEntryID, ComputerName, ComputerRoot etc etc etc

the only thing that is the same of the url link, is the "computerName" like :"

not sure that I want to change "computer name" setting ?

I will made a print screen of what I want, then you will understand me.

Check my print screen (it's the explorer archive action in the OWA)

I want when I make a call to the option of entreprise vault  that this URL "" are set by another URL like "" that are already in the dns etc etc, it's working, I want to use it now.

thanks for your help

SHI-CRO's picture

If you want to change the URL only for the outside users (using OWA), use this technote:

If you want to change the URL for both inside users (using Outlook, etc) and outside users, change the ComputerName entry in the ComputerEntry table from "" to "".

If you modify the ComputerName entry:

  • Old shortcuts will not be changed to the new URL, only newly created ones.  This usually isn't a problem.
  • Inside users will need to be able to resolve "" to your EV servers' internal IP addresses, so you need to have a split DNS setup going or your firewall or router needs to be able to handle it.

In either case, you will need to do the following for outside users to be able to use the links for Archive Explore and Archive Search:

  • In your public DNS forward lookup zone "", create entries for "serverev" that resolves to a public IP
  • Configure access rule and NAT rules on your firewall to allow http (or https if you've configured EV to use SSL) to the EV servers.
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Thanks Shi-cro, I made the change and it tested out great.

through sql i ran:

update ComputerEntry set ComputerName = ''

is there a way to update the old shortcuts?

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Thanks for your great answer, I will let you know asap I do the changing.

I think I will do to the computername change.

For the new URL (outside one) all are already set to be acces by the internet, by our firewall etc etc.

I let you know quickly.

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There's not a way to update the shortcuts, but it shouldn't matter; they should still work as long as your computers can resolve "" to your EV server.

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You can update the shortcuts via RestoreShortcutBody registry key
And then run the task with shortcut processing

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Hi every body,

I made the change, unfortunatly,  

All my task and service in the console are error now :(

If I try on the console to restart the service, he say "RPC server are unavailable" On the windows service, all are started... I dont understand what happening?

This new url that I put are under reverseproxy, and I think that is the problem.

the old url when I ping it, answer with a correct IP adress. For the new one, it's my reverse. I think it's that the problem.

Edit : I cheat and put on the hostfile the correct IP, and the service are now running.

But, still old URL on my outlook and outlook web acces... What i'm missing ?

I see on the console the new name that I put on the computerEntry... but url are still old one.

thanks for your help.

I put a print screen of what I see when I explore the archive... and still old url :(

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my problem is solved with the update of 9.0 sp1 to sp2, the url are changed after the SP2.

I dont know why this update, made the url change, and not before ? I have restarted both of my server but with no succes.

After the SP2, surprise! my new url are set into outlook.

Thanks to everybody,