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How to change the name of the backup to disk location...

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I upgraded the BEWS 2010 media server to BEWS 2012 it was successfull without any problem encountered. My questions is I have several backup to disk folder in the previous version, after the upgrade all of the backup to disk folder became legacy folder and one of the legacy folder tag as the storage device (backup to disk). How can I change the name of the folder to BeData?


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You can't, unless you delete and re-define the disk storage.  Just leave it alone.  As long as you can backup to the disk storage, the name does not matter.

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Hello Rick,

   As PKH said it is better to leave the legacy folder alone. But if you still want to change the name of that folder and not leave it alone then you may try the steps (check step 2 where it says "Create a folder that has a different name and location than the existing legacy backup-to-disk folder" ) in this technote which mentions the option to change the Name. But you will also have to change the location.

Here is the technote for your reference: : Changing the location of a legacy backup-to-disk folder

Note: It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of the data before deleting anything.



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