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How to change policy after change from managed to unmanged

Created: 07 Nov 2012 • Updated: 16 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

Hi all,

Following the instruction in

Question 1:

After changing a SEP 12.1 client from mangaged to unmanaged, the "liveupdate" option is timmed. If I don't change the policy before change, now the policy in the unmanaged client won't allow me to run LiveUpdate. How can I fix this issue?

Question 2:

If following other article to change from managed to unmanaged, create a new group, move client, change policy, .......etc. There is real a lot of stuff . Any simple way to do so?

I still feel the operation in SEP12.1 is worse than  Symantec Antivirus 10.x.

Thanks for any help.

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First up, you appear to have posted in the Encryption forums by mistake blush

Now, as to your questions:

  1. When you export a managed client, it can include the policies you configured in the SEPM.  After converting a managed client to unmanaged, these policies remain (which is why some options are still disabled for you).  The below article tells you how to change an unmanaged client back to the "vanilla" policies:
  2. I'm unclear as to what you;re trying to achieve.  The article you posted just says to swap the Sylink file around, and you're always able to install a completely "Vanilla" unmanaged client (with no policy configurations) direct from the media without exporting another client package from the server.  If you look in your SEP Media download from FileConnect, in the same directory as the Release Notes, you'll find a SEP folder which contains the vanilla unmanaged SEP Client.  Is that what you're after?