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How to change retention of just one image ?

Created: 27 May 2011 • Updated: 17 Jun 2011 | 10 comments
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We have many backups (images) on many tapes with retention of 2 weeks . Just recently we got request to save one backup for much longer (a few years). One of the solution is to introduce new retention and "attach" this image to this retention (any other idea ?). How can I change retention of this backup (not others) and keep it on separated tape (to not block other images) ?

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Use the Image section of the GUI to find the image and duplicate it. You can specify a new retention level.

Else, find the image id with something like this:
bpimagelist -idonly [-d mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS] [-e mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS] -client client_name  [-policy policy_name] [-pt policy_type]

Then use bpduplicate from cmd to duplicate this image:
bpduplicate -backupid <backup_id> -rl <retention_level> ...

See 'bpduplicate -help'  or Commands manual for more options.

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I have done duplication (but without moving to another Volume Pool). Now I am trying to move this tape to another Volume Pool: Media -> NetBackup -> choose tape -> Change

but after checking Expiration date: Never and Volume Pool -> New Pool -> Mypool I get a message:

Change pool of 0089 failed. Cannot change media pool of an assigned media.

How can I move this tape to another pool ?

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Please mark Marianne's reply as answer.

You need to either extend the image expiration using bpexpdate ( which will also extend teh expiration of the whole tape), or if you want to put it in a different pool, you need to duplicate it.

Call up the image in your java admin console catalog, and use the duplicate option - you can select retention and pool there.

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you could simply run bpexpdate

bpexpdate -backupid backup_id -d date

to simply change retention of the current image

or you could bpduplicate the image to new volume and then run bpexpdate against the new image

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As wrobbins stated, bpexpdate is simple and can change Image expiration of single image.

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if it's possible that the image spans more than one media then your best option would be the bpduplicate - you're not "wasting" as many tapes & you could duplicate it to another volume pool away from your "normal" saves.

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bpexpdate: -m <media id> -d <mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS | 0 | infinity>

[-host <name>] [-force] [-nodelete] [-notimmediate]
[-M <master_server,...,master_server>]

and you must check the retention level of your media, if you change retention level of the backup you cannot use these media's until you enable the multiple retention per media.