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How to check bandwidth limit of multiple RVG's

Created: 06 Aug 2012 • Updated: 07 Aug 2012 | 1 comment
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Operating system version = Linux Redhat 6.2

Storage Foundation version = 6.0 with RP1

Replication between one to one node with local disks

Replication Volumes = two

RVG's = two (Each replication volume has its own RVG)


How can I check/view the Bandwidth limit of both RVGs ?

I am running the command "vxprint -l | grep bandwidth" and getting the bandwidth but dont know this is who's bandwidth. This grep the info tab. But any way to see individual RVG for bandwidth

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You should restrict output to rlinks by using "P" flag and then you can use egrep to grep for 2 different strings, so something like:

vxprint -Pl | egrep "bandwidth|Disk Group"

I'm not sure what exact string is used to denote diskgroup, or you might want to know associated rlink name so change 2nd string in egrep to suit what you want to see.  If you can't get egrep to produce what you want then provide output of "vxprint -Pl" and what you would like to see and I can give you command.


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