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How to check if the backup destination is a disk and not a tape

Created: 11 Mar 2013 • Updated: 13 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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I'm having a trouble of determining which servers or I say policy that backup to disk.

We're going to change the daily backup policy that is written on tape so that it will be written to disk..

we come up to this because if the tape library is down, daily backup can still proceed to backup because it will be written to disk and not to tape.

Appreciate for some help,

I read about bpimmedia and try to check the GUI, but still it seems I cant find answer

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Check policy destinations with 'bppllist -allpolicies -U'.

Various bpimagelist command options will tell you where previous backups went.

See NBU Commands manual for usage and options.

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if i understand your question.

you have a Disk storage unit, and you would like to know what are the clients using that STU?

if that is right.. infact .. you have multiple ways to determine that..

1) Go to GUI---> catalog---> select from disk---> provide the media server and STU path.. 

set the data range and click on search 

2)identify the storage unit name configured then go to policys and look for  the poilcies that are configured with this stoarge unit.

3) directly go to the disk stu path ( in case of basic disk) do the command ls to list the images and look for the client names

4) bpimmedia 

bpimmedia [-disk_stu storage_unit_label

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I figure out that daily incremental must backup to disk that has 1 week retention rather than to tape. daily full and other weekly full must be on tape depending on retention period. Thanks for the support. I was enlightened.