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How to check last time catalog/restore LTO-5

Created: 28 Sep 2012 | 3 comments


    I use BackupExec 2010 to backup my data into LTO-5 tape. But I lost my tape for one week, after i found it, i'm not sure that it was stolen or not. So can we check last restore/catalog tape?

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Unfortunately, I dont think you can check the last restore time OR what was being attempted to restore and when. Mainly because, when a restore is attempted from a media, it is only used for Read operation. All information about hte restore itself is recorded on the media server's database in the form of Job Logs/Job History.

You could however, check the catalogs information to see what is the last backup set available on this tape (this info basically comes from the last backup run, so nothing to do with the restores).

I'm not sure, but if you're dealing with critical informaiton potentially being stolen, you can Google for any third-party tools/services which may be able to investigate this for you.

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To add to what Bhavik as already posted, in future you could use Encryption on the back jobs to ensure that the data cant be restored without a valid key.

Here is some information about this -

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For any media that leaves the data centre, you should encrypt the media.  You can setup encryption keys in BE and encrypt the media automatically when you run a backup job.  When restoring encrypted data, the user must know the passphrase used for the encryption.  Otherwise, the encryption will fail.