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How to check VVR replication status

Created: 09 Jul 2014 • Updated: 10 Jul 2014 | 2 comments
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Hi, one of our customers is using storage foundation 6.0 for Windows and they use VVR to replicate volumes from production site to dr site. The replication is in asynchronous mode. My question is:

How to check VVR replication status? Is there a way to show the replication progress such as how many percentages have been replicated and/or how long it takes to complete the replication?

Thanks in advance.

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Suggest you to read through VVR guide, you may find below of your use


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vxrlink -g diskgroup status rlink_name

or to get status every X seconds use:

vxrlink -g diskgroup -i X status rlink_name

To get rlink name, use "vxprint -P"

You can use these commands in Linux/UNIX too and in Linux you can also use "vradmin repstatus" which is much better as gives more information and windows provides vradmin to (quote from VVR for Windows manual):

Performs administrative tasks on the RDS and is similar to the vxrds command. This command is supported to maintain parity with the Volume Replicator UNIX commands.

However, for some strange reason, the "repstatus" keyword is not available in Windows, but Symantec may eventually make this available in later versions.

You can of course use VEA - just select Monitor View from Replication network.


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