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How to check whether the machine is currently connected to notification server

Created: 05 Jul 2014 | 2 comments
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Altiris 7.5 is installed with 5000 clients
4500 endpoints & 500 servers.

I am not abale to get more than 70% compliance due to some disconnected clients.

Is there any custom report/sql query to find the machine which are connected/live in my environment.

There is an iso audit on july 15.

I need to increase compliance in the machines which are not compliant.

Please help me find some way to get the machines patched correctly and find out whether the machine(agent/sma) is correctly installed or not. The machine is live or dead.

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You can Check Inactive computer report

Reports->All reports->Discovery and Inventory->Inventory->Cross-platform->Inventory Agent->Inventory Diagnostics->Under you can find (Computers that have not reported inventory in last N days)

See this thread

Also you can check Active computer report

See Igor Perevozchikov Comments


You can use this SQL query to create your own report in SMP console, to see only active managed computers.

select vc.[Guid] as [ResourceGuid], vc.[Name], ctr.[HasTaskAgent],
ctr.[LastRegistered], coalesce( cta.[Product Version], '' ) as [Version],
vc.[IP Address] as [IPAddress],
vc.[OS Name] as [OSName]
from [dbo].[TaskTargetDeviceCache] vc
left outer join [dbo].[Inv_Client_Task_Resources] ctr
on ctr.[_ResourceGuid] = vc.[Guid]
left outer join [dbo].[Inv_Client_Task_Servers] cts
on cts.[ClientTaskServerGuid] = ctr.[ClientTaskServerGuid]
left outer join [dbo].[Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent] cta
on cta.[_ResourceGuid] = ctr.[_ResourceGuid]
and lower( cta.[Agent Name] ) = 'altiris client task agent'
( vc.[IP Address] is not NULL and LEN(vc.[IP Address])>0 )
AND ctr.[IsActive]='1'
ORDER by Name
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You can open Site Server Management page, open Task Server page and see status of Client Task Agent for each managed endpoint per Task Server.

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