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How client archive emails

Created: 19 Feb 2014 • Updated: 19 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi ,

How EV server archive the emails from client machine & in which port it work

which port client communicate with EV server



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Essentially the client marks items with a MAPI property... and then sends a HTTP (or HTTPS) request to the server giving it the date/time stamp which was added to the messages to be archived, the folder name and so on.

You could enable tracing in the Outlook Add-in and see this for yourself...

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You can refer following article to see ports :

About the ports used by Enterprise Vault



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Ajay, unless I'm mistaken that doesn't tell you the port(s) used by the clients...

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Dinesh well it depends on which EV Client Module you are using DCOM/HTTP and the bheavior will change depend on them for e.g. (Following sample shows EV client 9.0.2 module)

When you use DCOM and do a manual archive you will see in max client log as


User initiated manual archive action

ActionArchive<class ECETraits,struct BackendHTTPTraits>::OnAction: OutlookConnectionState: 1

SelectedStoreImpl::IsDefaultStore This is the default store (EID: 0000000038A1BB1005E5101AA1BB08002B2A56C20000454D534D44422E444C4C00000000000000001B55FA20AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A0C00000045584348002F6F3D45584348323030332F6F753D46697273742041646D696E6973747261746976652047726F75702F636E3D526563697069656E74732F636E3D617465737400)

When you use HTTP and do a manual archive you will see



Sending HTTP request: http://EVSERVER.DOMAIN.local/EnterpriseVault/clientaction.asp?act=0&fdrenc=_&dn=/o%3dEXCH2003/ou%3dFirst%20Administrative%20Group/cn%3dRecipients/cn%3datest&svr=EXCH&sid=1B53AF7FDC9885A4D8909CB9C7A64304A1d10000evserver&tsp=2014-02-19T13:36:13&pdl=AAAAAAAAAPOKDPLPHHPDNFEJJDLKEPMEHEEMLNEKABAAFBJHCMGALJNOLNELLLGFPABMGCBGFEFPAAAAAAAACEDFAAAA

well there are other couple of calls which you need to look but i think you should take training from Symantec.

AFAIK ports will vary depend on your outlook connection and registry key if used it changes the behavior.



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Hello dinesh,

Enterprise Vault does not archive emails directly from the client machine (or Outlook). If a user performs a manual archiving request or using Virtual Vault (drag and drop), the EV Outlook Add-in sends a HTTP/HTTPS (80, 443 ports) request to the Enterprise Vault server using an ASP page called clientaction.asp if you are using the light client or a DCOM (135, 138 ports) request if you have the full client. After that, the Enterprise Vault server connects to the Exchange server to pull the item(s) and archive it. Take a look at this doc guide to see all the ports used by Enterprise Vault: (Page 417 - Ports used by Enterprise Vault)

I hope this helps.

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