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How to configure biparam.ini for SAP

Created: 02 Jan 2013 • Updated: 02 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

Hi all,

I'm using Backup Exec 2010 to perform backup of my SAP installation. The media server and the SAP server are separated.

I got the things working (from SAP I can submit database job), but I can't configure parameters of the backup jobs properly. Because I didn't find the config file installed (biparam.ini), i googled that to search the options and checked the manual, but I can't figure how to set thing like backup method, priority and so on, because in the DBA-initiated job settings there are no those.

Also, I tried to create a policy with name "DEFAULT", but I can't see that in the job setup.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you in advance


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Are you aware of the section, Configuring biparam.ini for the SAP Agent, on page 1388 of the Admin Guide?  It states that a template of the biparam.ini file is installed together with the BE SAP agent which is installed in the same directory as the BRTOOLS.

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Yeah, I read it. I found the system already installed with brtools, but that file didn't exists. Yesterday I managed how to change a lot of options (I changed the default ones in Tools > Options, and then I delete the DEFAULT job, that did the trick).

By the way, I can't set the job priority. Even if in the options is set to "Highest", it still take "Medium". This is not a terrible thing, but I'd like to fix that. Also, is there a way to set the FULL name of Backup? If I insert in biparam.ini the job name like "test backup", the name in the backup exec is something like "test backup Selection List 0035 - DEFAULT - DEFAULT"

By the way these are minor fix, the major ones are fixed (simply adjusting options, delete DEFAULT in DBA-Initiated Job Setting and restarting)

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ouch, my bad....I installed it with "push" by Backup Exec media server, so I can find it into "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Agents\SAPX64".

Now there is the problem that, when I do the backup, it end with the error "backint not found". I check from some articles that backint and brtools must be in the same directory, but how can I do this if I can't control setup destination from push server? Need I to install manually to get the things working? Or is it enough to copy-paste the necessary files?

Thank you