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How to configure a dedicated spam quarantine?

Created: 06 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
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I was reading the SMG v9.5 Deployment Options, and there was option to deployment a dedicated spam quarantine control centre? how to configure that?


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I'm curious what document you are looking at. A dedicated spam quarantine server configuration has been discussed in the past and considered for the product roadmap, but is not currently an available configuration. That being said, having a spam-only quarantine Control Center can be done but it is not supported and may not function as you expect it to.

You would need two "Control Center only" appliances along with your "Scanner only" appliances. One "Control Center only" would be the quarantine storage and would not have *any* Scanners attached to it or any scanner policies configured. The other "Control Center only" would be your normal CC with Scanners attached and all your configurations. You would configure your spam policies with a rule action to "route the message" to the Quarantine Control Center only appliance on port 41025 (by default).

On the negative side of using this would be administration overhead and some functions, such as Incident folders and suspect virus quarantine, would still use the primary Control Center. There typically isn't too much advantage to having a spam quarantine Control Center appliance setup.

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I'm refer to document:SMG_v9-5_DeploymentOptions_v3.pdf (Author: Paul Chavez)

See below and refer to the attachment:

In general Symantec recommends that messages identified as spam should be deleted. Deleting spam saves system resources and saves end-user time as they do not have to constantly review what is in their spam quarantines. Additionally in cases where spam must be quarantined the SMG Control Center can easily handle large storage needs. However there are instances where using a Control Center as a dedicated spam quarantine will be beneficial. The following are considerations where deploying an SMG Control Center as a dedicated quarantine may be recommended

SMG_v9-5_DeploymentOptions_v3.pdf 1023.21 KB
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Based on the way the document is laid out, I figure the author is talking about the situation I mentioned above; a standalone Control Center that has Quarantine and Directory Integration configured, and no scanner configurations or policies. I'll see if I can get further clarification though.

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Hello Symbeta ,I will suggest you to use the defaul Option .In my setup ,we use the default spam quaratine available and send an email to Staff daily for all the spam that is quarantined against their email address and sometimes they release it or mostly they delete it . If you want to control certain things ,use Content filtering rules .You can block email here and review them for deciding to release them or reject them .