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How to configure a domain that is not classified as spam?

Created: 22 Jul 2013 | 6 comments

Hi everybody!

Symantec Messaging Gateway classifying the domain to our client as suspicious or spam and I would like to configure it as a trusted domain, how do this?

Currently I have to be "approving" the emails manually.

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I appreciate your help but I have not really found exactly what I need. I need a domain in particular never be classified as spam under any circumstances. I never used the Symantec and have not found an option to do what I want.

thanks anyway!

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I located where to set the good senders and added the domain that is not classified as spam. The action for this rule is to send email normally. I will make some tests.

thanks Rafeeq

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Adding a domain/email address or IP to the goodsenders list will prevent spam scanning, however if the message is being caught for any other reason such as a malware or content filtering rule it can still be held, deleted, rejected (depending on the action of the other rules that may be taken).

First review the Message Audit log for one of the messages being flagged as spam, if it shows a verdict of a content filtering rule you can a) adjust the content filtering rule b) Adjust the action of good senders to bypass that CF rule or all CF rules.

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Thanks BenDC!

I would like to clarify one more doubt please, I just also enable the Fastpass option to Good Senders. I understand this option also prevents the emails classified as good sender are checked by anti spam, am I right?

thanks again!

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By default senders in the good senders lists are not checked agains antispam.

Fastpass will bypass antispam checking for domains that have "good" history of connections/sending non-spam/clean messages to your company. Fastpass is an automated feature if enabled has limited configuration options.