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How to configure email alert of Incident management

Created: 24 Mar 2012 | 6 comments


We installed and configured servicedesk 7.1 successfully.

Where we configured email alert when user submits incidents at that time servicedesk administrator and user both can receive email.

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In my one enrionment i am not configured any thing related to email notification alert

In that case also when user logs the incident he gets immediate mail alert that incident submit to servicedesk admin that case id number, issue, description etc

at the same servicedesk admin also receive email that new incident has come

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Just to clarify then... when the user submits the Gernal Feeder form (so self-help), you want the user to get a confirmation of the ticket then the ServiceDesk admin will get the e-mail.  

I am not at work (and will have to verify) but I would think you would want to either put a send mail at the Submit Simple incident model in Incident Management or in the GeneralFeeder form itself.   To get the e-mail to the SD admin, I would add the admin as a bcc to that e-mail.  Save yourself a component and you will make sure you are getting exactly what the user is getting.

If this is the direction you are asking, I can see if I have the setup on my server at work to share what I did for these notifications.   If you are using email monitor, are you going to need to do the same thing?

What version of ServiceDesk (with service pack)?


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Do you want to email the servicedesk admins or do you want to assign them the ticket?

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I want incident submittion email will receive both user and servicedesk admin

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You need to do the following:

  1. Open the SD.IncidentManagement workflow
  2. Click in the CreateIncidentAdvanced model
  3. Double-click on the Send Notifications embedded model and add the ServiceDesk Admin email to the Send Email About Task Creation component. This will add the notification for all the incidents created using the Advanced Submission form
  4. Click the Primary model
  5. Double-click the Set Permissions and Notify Contacts embedded model
  6. Add the ServiceDesk Admin emails to the Send Email About Task Creation and Send Email About Task Creation 2. This will add the notification for incidents created by both the Simple Submission form and emails
  7. Save, publish and restart IIS and test

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