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how to configure legacy clients for SEP 11.x

Created: 18 Oct 2010 | 5 comments

We have about 40-50 windows 2000 computers running SAV 8.x and 9.x. The rest of of the computers are XP,  and we have migrated them to SEP 11.x without any problems.

The legacy computers' parent server has crashed and we are not going to repair it.

My question is how can we get the legacy clients to point to the new management server so it can manage them, or is this not possible.

We have tried installing the new 11.X client (both from a created package - setup.exe- and from the install cd but it won't install) - some of these computers only have 64 MB RAM.

So we want to just change the configuration on the legacy clients so the point to the new management server, and not the old one which is no longer functional.

I know in the older versions of SAV you would just copy the grc.dat file from the server to the client to accomplish this.

With Endpoint, this is accomplished with the Sylink.xml file.

So, is there a way to convert the Sylink.xml file to a grc.dat file or some other way to accomplish this?

In case I haven't been clear:

The legacy clients are all windows 2000 with either SAV 8.x or 9.x installed

The legacy clients point to server which is currently off line and won't be returning to service.

The lagacy clients don't have the hardware to run the SEP 11.x client

Can SEP 11.x manage 9.x and 8.x clients  (just definition updates mainly, anything else would be gravy) 

Assuming yes to the above, how can I get the 9.x and 8.x clients to go to the 11.x server for management?

Thanks -

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SEPM cannot manage legacy clients (SAV 8-9-10).


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You can have the 10.x logs sent to SEPM but that is about it.

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It is not possible to point SAV 9x and 8 x clients to point to SEP11.x server.SEP 11.x server can manage and provide updates only to 11.0.x clients.You may have to use your old sav server it self to managed these clients.

In my opinion it is better to remove those PCS from the network.It is became very old configuration.For windows 2000 even Microsoft stopped support .

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Hi SymCity,

I have to agree with the above advice. It won't be possible to manage SAV clients from the SEPM. 

Today's sphisticated threats were written after SAV 8 and 9: those old releases will not be able to completely remediate many of the malicious files in circulation today.

Until you retire that old hardware, I recommedn installing and using SAV 10.1 MR9.

Thanks and best regards,


With thanks and best regards,


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Symantec AntiVirus clients cannot be managed/seen by the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and Symantec Endpoint Protection clients cannot be managed/seen by the Symantec System Center

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