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How to configure oracle backup running on windows in Netbackup on windows

Created: 23 Oct 2013 • Updated: 17 Jul 2014 | 3 comments
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I need simple step by step procedures to acheive oracle backup.

I Have gone through the Oracle admin guide and confused. Because the documents is mixed for Unix and Windwow.

Request some help here. 

Environment details:

Netbackup 7.5 running on Windows 2008 64 bit

Oracle 11g running on windows 2008/2003

Thanks in advance. 



Operating Systems:

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1) Install Netbackup Client Software on the oracle Server 

2)How you are planning to configure the oracle backup Is it thru RMAN

3)Add netbackup oracle licence key on Master server.(if is thru RMAN)

as it is a windows there is no need to perform linking.

4)Verify compatibility

5)Change the NetBackup Client Service logon account to Oracle user account with local admin rights on client?

6)Oracle services need to be restarted after NBU installation

7)create a policy for oracle backup

8)To create a oracle backup ,DBA Shd provide scripts which you ll need to add them in backup selection

9)verify the script before testing the oracle backup on client.

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Hi Sri vani

Thanks for the response, what is the best practice to take the oracle backup. 

I mean using RMAN or without RMAN. I see people always talk about using rman to take backup. 

If using RMAN what else we do. and we are using oracle 10g in the post it was mistakenly 11g



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Oracle recommends using rman.

In NBU, you need to have Application and Database license for each database server that needs to be backed up using the NBU agent.

The NBU pluging ensures that rman backups to sbt_tape are sent to NBU.

Speak to your Oracle dba's. They need to be comfortable using rman in order to assist you. Do not try this on your own  (unless you are a knowledgeable Oracle dba).

Make the dba your best friend - you need to work as a team on this.

RMAN scripts are 100% the dba's responsibility, although NBU provides sample scripts. The manual will tell you the location of these sample scripts. It is up to the dba to decide if he/she wants to customize sample scripts or provide own script(s). 

Your job is to create policy for Oracle backups, ensure correct forward and reverse lookup between Oracle client and master as well as media server(s), ensure that media is available in the STU selected for the backup. Important to understand difference between Automatic Backup schedule and Application Backup schedule and how actual retention levels are linked to Application Backup schedule.
Ensure that bprd log exists on master to troubleshoot initial comms between client and master.
Logs needed on media server are bptm and bpbrm.
Work with dba to create logs on Oracle client, such as bpcd and dbclient. 

Check that NBU Client Service is started as Oracle service account that also has local admin rights.

Likewise, restores are also dba's responsibility. Either via restore scripts or using RMAN commands from cmd. 
You need to ensure that restore media and resources (tape drives) are available for restores.

Please see NetBackup for Oracle Administrator's Guide

Hope this helps...

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