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How to configure a scalar i80 tape library to use with Backup exec

Created: 03 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

Dear Backup Exec Guru's,

Could anyone share with me configuration steps and procedures for using a scalar i80 tape library with Backup Exec.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Sulaiman M

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Depending on how many tape drives you have in this library and how many jobs you want to configure to be run at what recurrances and times, there can be a variety of options and configurations you can achieve.

Are there any specific requirements that you need assistance with?'s picture

Thanks for the updates Bhavik,

I'm having four Tape Drives in this Library. Backup job configuration and scheduling can be taken care on Backup Exec. I just wanted to understand the best practices and methods to configure and access this Tape Library by the Backup Exec server. My configuration plan is as below, please validate and suggest whats best.

  1. SAN FC connectivity to the TL Drives.
  2. UTP connectivity to the TL Controller for management purpose.
  3. Assign I.P address to the TL and zone to the same VLAN network as the Backup Exec Server
  4. Scan and detect the drives via the device manger on the Windows Backup Exec server.
  5. Configure the Drives on Backup Exec and schedule for Backup jobs.

I want more details and procedures for the last point (5.) Do let me know if there is a better method to go forward.

Best Regards

Sulaiman M