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How to configure a Scheduled Scan to only Scan a single drive

Created: 08 Sep 2010 | 5 comments

Server has 5 drives. All 2TB in size.

Performing a weekly scan on all 5 drives at the same time takes way too long.

In the old SSC console we could easily specificy 5 scans, each scanning for a separate drive on a separate day.

I cannot seem to be able to figure our how to configure this in the new SEPM Console.

I checked Policy Exceptions and there doesn't seem to be anything that would allow me to do this.

Anybody figure out how to do this?


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Sure way is to configure that on the client.

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Title: 'How to Create a Schedule Custom Scan for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Client ?'
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It is not possible to such a scan from SEPM.But it can be done in the SEP client installed in your server.Refer the link provided by Prachand.

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In sep client its possible 

Go to-- Scan for threads --create scan--custom scan, you can specify whichever drive you want to scan

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You  can do it  from the  client side, but  at this point  cannot  do it  from the  sepm server  side. But  you  can go to Ideas  section on this  website, and add it as an idea.