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How to Convert Enterprise Vault cluster to standalone

Created: 15 Jan 2014 • Updated: 31 Jan 2014 | 4 comments
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How to convert EV cluster (MS cluster), to standalone machine? Is that even possible?

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In place conversion?
Typically i've only seen it in migrations, so you just migrate it to a new server and just never run the convert to cluster wizard and et voila, its a standalone....

I suppose you could just uninstall the binaries completely (making a backup of your welcome message, and other custom file configurations) and then reinstall, run the configuration utility and let it do a repair for the machine

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Hi Kristjan.

An option could be to perform a DR process either in one of the servers in the cluster or on a separate server. Either option, you need to install Windows from scratch. Also, you need to make sure that the disks used for storage and indexes are attached to the same drive letters. Of course, this is something you might want to test first and then decide if you want to go ahead and implement it in production. I hope this helps.

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As per “Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration wizard” , You can use the Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration wizard to create migration packages for clustered Enterprise Vault  servers. When you have created the migration packages you can then import them on clustered servers or on standalone servers.

Please also look at below guide/video for detail instruction.

"Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration Wizard Overview"

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I dont think you need to reinstall windows?

Surely it would be something like

1. Uninstall Enterprise Vault
2. Remove the clusters from Windows via command line
    i.e. 'cluster node myClusterNode /forcecleanup'
    or 'Remove-Cluster -Cluster myClusterNode -CleanupAD -Force'
3. Restart the server
4. Change the MSMQ path and ensure that it starts with the correct permissions
    i,e make sure that NT SERVICE\MSMQ is the owner of the paths for MSMQ storage
5. Ensure the DNS points to the new standalone server
6. Install Enterprise Vault
7. Run the configuration and do a repair
8. Copy back over any custom files