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How to correctly decommission a NetBackup Media Server and remove it from the NetBackup v6.0?

Created: 26 Mar 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
I read this article on how to decomission a media server.
Anyone has a similar steps to decomission a media server in Version6.0?
Thank you.

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Stuart Green's picture

DOCUMENTATION: What is the process for decommissioning a NetBackup 6.0 media server?

DOCUMENTATION: What is the process for decommissioning a NetBackup 6.5 media server?

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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Taqadus Rehman's picture

 When a media server is decommisioned before removing from Netbackup , plz follow the below steps to make the setup stable once again.

Step 1 : go to server host properties & delete the media server name in the “Media server” List & also in the “server” list.

Step 2. Remove the storage unit which belongs to the particular decomissioned media

Step 3 : stop all the services then, Go to \install path\volmgr\database.

Rename the below files. globdb, robtic_def & ltdevis to .old
go to misc folder & delete all the files except the robotic_def directory.
get inside to this robotic_def dir & delete the files.

Step 4. start all the netbackup services

Open cmd promt & go to volmgr\bin dir

vmglob -set_gdbhost

Step 5. go to configure storage devices wizard. you can still see the decommisioned media server entry checkbox.

Delete the decomissioned media server entry alone & discover the conf storage device for the remaining servers

Now u will be able to run bpmedialist without any issues. Some of the tapes will show DBBackup status. You can bring them to scratch or secure the data. (solution given in previously for other person). run thru the forum for this.

If you decommission a server incorrectly, then add it back and you cannot retreive data from the tapes, definatly you have critical data that you need to restore from those tapes, but because the server wasn’t decommissioned properly, you haven’t been able to inventory the tapes in order to restore the data then what’s the fix for that?

Try to remove the tapes from NetBackup and then run an import.

step 1:
How to manually remove a tape completely from NetBackup/Media Manager.

step 2:
start an import procedure using the wizard

Regards, Taqadus Rehman

J.H Is gone's picture

Can I ask about step 3.

I have never gone and removed/renamed files when decoming a server.  I can do almost everything from the gui ( all except move ownership of tapes).

Why do you go to disk and rename these files?  Would not removing them correctly from GUI take care of this?

I don't have to know how to spell....I work on Unix.
NetBackup 7.0.1 - AIX & Windows

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1. Take a complete FULL backup of the server ( While taking this backup ensure you take the backup using master server as media server, because it will save you time in case of restoring)
2. Retain it for 7 years (or what ever the retention policy is)
3. Now take a catalog backup for the media server
4. Retain it for 7 years (or what ever the retention policy is)
5. Take a complete catalog backup of master server also
6. Reatain it for 7 years (or what ever the retention policy is)
7. Move all the tapes assigned to the media server, to be managed by master server
8. Login to JAVA GUI or Admin Console to deactivate the media server.
9. Go to /usr/openv/pack/save and uninstall the netbackup patches and agents
10. Login to master server remove the SERVER and MEDIA_SERVER entry from bp.conf
11. Using nbemmcmd command remove any aliases for the media server first
12. Using nbemmcmd command now delete the media server host entry from NBDB
13. From SAN side remove the zoning for the drives and robots
14. Run sgscan to verify if all the tape drives and robots are not seen by media server OS


J.H Is gone's picture

1) Make sure all storage units are documented.
a. #bpstulist –L (this will list all the info we need for current storage units so we can recreate them) send to output file or print.
b. #bppllist –allpolicies (this will list all the policies and you can see what storage units each policy uses) send to output file or print
2) Deactivate all policies
3) get all the tape #;s that are under the control of the server being removed, and have them chang control to another media server.
a. run a script or command to get the tape numbers.: bpmedialist -mlist -l -h <oldmediaserver>
b. now change control to a new media server: bpmedia  -movedb -ev <mediaid> -oldserver <oldmediaserver> -newserver <newmediaserver>
c. verify that no tapes are anylonger under control of the old media server.
4) Set up <newmdiaserver> to be able to do restores for any tapes that were moved. Add the following line to the bp.conf.
a. FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER= <oldserver> <newserver>
b. Add this line for each media server being removed.
5)  place all tapes in standalone status.
6) For the server being taken out use the GUI to Delete:
a. The Tape Drives
i. Go to Media and Device management
ii. Devices
v. remove the drives for that media servers
b. Remove the storage units that reference the server(s) being taken out.
7) Power down everything, media, master and robot and make your cabling changes
or  just out the zoneing for the media server from the san.
8) Bring up everything

10) Change any policies that referenced the old storage units to use the new storage units
11) Change the server name in the bp.conf or vm.conf of media, master and client properties
a. go to the list of hosts
b. you can highlight all of them and right click for properties (wait for it 5 yo 6 mins)
c. do a remove from all lists of the old server names
d. do a add to all lists of the new server name.
e. Say ok (wait for it 5 to 6 mins) handle by hand any that gave errors
11) Change the list of files the catalog backs up.
f. Remove reference to old servers.
g. Add the files for the new server.
12) Activate one policy that uses a new storage unit and do a test backup to make sure it uses the new server
13) Activate all the policies and we should be good.

I don't have to know how to spell....I work on Unix.
NetBackup 7.0.1 - AIX & Windows

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"Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."


- "Your backups are only as good as your restores."