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How to create and assign Multiple tasks in a workflow for approval

Created: 19 Aug 2013 | 4 comments

Guys i am trying to create a workflow for plantfloor Applications approval, basically a user requests multiple applications and for each application we have 3 leves of approvals. so i want help in creating a dialog worklfow with multiple  tasks for each of level1 manger based on the selected user applications.


User selceted apps:

App1 m1(Manager1), m2, m3

App2 m1, m2, m3

App3 m1, m2, m3

so there will be 3 dialog workflow for approvals with

all m1Array in the first dialog workflow

all m2Array in the second dialog worklfow

all m3Array in the third dialog worklfow.

So what i need is, Is there a way to create multiple tasks for the each manager Array in a single dialog workflow.

Operating Systems:

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You can see the following thread for "how to create multiple tasks that all require approval before next step"

That or you can search for "workflow.advanced" in connect (the component library that lets you multibranch.

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Thanks for the solution but now i have a another question i want to merge the data coming out of each of the Parallel workflow. i can see the option available in the component to merge data but can't figure it out.

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Merging the paths together is typicall done by using any if the merge components (in the workflow.Advanced library). Just bring all paths that you set off into different threads back into the one Merge component.

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merge1.JPGthis is the process i am trying to do i successfully made a parallel workflow for authorization but now i have to get the answers from those authorization and split them in approved and rejected collections then. i want to merge the data from the collections. when it comes out of the wait for workflow component.