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How to create, and copy, N5220 and N5020 USB boot sticks...

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
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In anyone willing to share their procedures to:

1) To create a fresh USB boot stick from the N5220 v2.5 download kit?

2) To create a fresh USB boot stick from the N5020 v1.4.2 download kit?

3) To clone/copy an N5220 v2.5 boot stick?

4) To clone/copy an N5020 v1.4.2 boot stick?

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1) and 2) - wouldn't like to try!! Get anything wrong and you are in real trouble!

3) and 4) - you would need some sort of imageing program (ultraISO or similar) so that the bootable information is fully captured.

If you own an appliance then you are entitled (free of charge I believe) an up to date USB stick when a new version comes out - just ask your Symantec account manager or raise a call with support / customer care so you shouldn't need to make your own.

Do bear in mind that you cannot use a USB stick to upgrade an appliance - it will fully BLAT it!

Hope this helps

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