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How to create automated tickets

Created: 05 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

Hello everybody,

Do you know an easy way to create automated tickets? I did it creating a new workflow, but everytime I need to create a new periodic ticket (as "review servers logs monthly, i.e.) I need to create a new workflow and it take around 30 minutes each one.

I was trying with the CreateIncidentAdvanced web service (creating a new task from the NSP), I think it's the best way, but I'm geting a lot of errors when I try to add a new task.

Do you know an easy, or fast way to do it?



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Instead of a WF, you might want to try using Selenium, a browser automation tool ( I typically use this to load lots of tickets into the database fast.

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Hi reecardo, thanks for your reply.

But using Selenium could I do something like this?:

  • Create every monday a new ticket assigned to "John Smidth" for "check the UPS"
  • Create every day a new ticket assigned to "Support I" for "check the servers logs"
  • Create every wednesday and friday a new ticket for ...
  • Etc

All automated? (no human intervention).

This should be Selenium IDE or Selenium WebDriver?



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while we don't generate weekly automated tickets we do have a very quick way to raise tickets

we use a modified Mail Monitor workflow and a mailbox.

when our IT guys want a case raised they send a email with the details for the case in the email, we use codes in the subject line for directing cases

eg. if the subject starts with TSSEV3,  a incident gets raised to the 'Tech services' Group as a medium piority etc. the rest of the subject line becomes incident title and the body of the email becomes the description.

once you gets the codes worked out it can almost do anything with a ticket.

you could extend this and use a email template, or maybe use outlook functions to send automated emails weekly.

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I wonder if you could even created a Windows Service workflow that you install on a machine which has time and date triggers inside of it that then calls the correct create incident components with all of the data fields pre-mapped. I haven't done it this way but I can't see why it wouldn't work.