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How to create custom check in CCS equivalent to 'find /path options' command (UNIX)

Created: 10 Feb 2012 | 3 comments
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Anyone know how to configure a CCS check for UNIX to execute 'find' command?

Like for example 'find all files under user home path with execute (x) permissions.

The predefined checks in CCS are non-editable and viewable.

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Hi, you can try to export out the pre-defined standard, then edit the xml accordingly, if can work then that's luck. If can not, then no other choice.

Thank you.

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Hi patriot3w, thanks for the reply. We have done some recycling of the pre-defined standard checks. To some degree we had luck. But for some situations we need to run a specific 'find' command parameters. We are seeing a lot of corporate hardening documents for unix systems specifying a 'find' command as the verification/listing command in terms of file/folder permissions, setuid/setguid, etc... It would be nice if there is a way to use find command in CCS checks with total flexibility.

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totally understand. If you using ESM, then can consider ice.