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How to create a NetApp NDMP BU via Fibre and not via Network

Created: 19 Jun 2013 | 13 comments

Hi, we have configured the zoning between a NetApp and a shared BU drive.

The we have configured the NetApp for NDMP support and the NetApp was added in BU Exec 2012 as a NDMP server (after NDMP lic activation).

When I try to create a NDMP BU, I go to the server list, I "right click" on the NetApp server then I click on "Backup". There, I can see :

- Backup to deduplication disk storage,

- Backup to deduplication disk storage and then duplicate to deduplication disk storage,

- Backup to deduplication disk storage and then, deduplication to tape,

- Backup to disk,

- Backup to disk and then duplicate to tape,

and finaly

- Backup to tape

Based on this backup offer, we tried to create a "backup to tape"

On the left column, we have selected a NetApp volume.  And on the right column, via "Edit", we decide to :

- "Schedule" : create a full backup,

- "Storage" : we select the available drive

- Network ; default

- ...

- NDMP : we select "BAckup Access Control Lists" and "Enable file history"

When we realised the backup, we have had Nework backup via the BU Exec server...  and not a direct backup to the drive.

Could you help me please ?


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Jean-Francois-SPW's picture

something important, the BU drive is also directly accessible from the BU Exec server.

Jaydeep S's picture

How is the Tape drive configured. Have you added it as a NDMP device or as a normal Tape Drive.

Jean-Francois-SPW's picture

normal tape drive because already used by BU Exec for classical BU to tape

Jean-Francois-SPW's picture

tks but not really.  I had already find those documents.

with BU Exec 2012, I haven't a possibility to choice an NDMP BU.  It's in the menu (see my original request) but I don't know how to say that I want a NDMP BU in place of a B2T ...

Have you a video to help me ?  I haven't find that on Internet

Jean-Francois-SPW's picture

yes but It's only to show a NetApp server.  It was done.

My request is how to use a drive shared between a NDMP backup and a standard BU to tape ?

where can I select it ?

Jean-Francois-SPW's picture

on the storage tab, I can see all drives and tapes under the BU server but also under the NetApp stoareg name.  Is it normal ?  Is it due to the fact that a BU drive is shared between the BU exec server and the NetApp (NDMP) ?

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Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

Jaydeep S's picture

Yes. The one under Netapp storage is where you should be targeting your backup to if you dont want it to travel on ethernet.

Jean-Francois-SPW's picture

I planned a meeting with the NetApp arrays manager for tomorrow PM to valid all the config on his part.  I will come back to you if possible.  Tks for your intervention.  Best regards

Larry Fine's picture

Are you using a single stand-alone tape drive?  or is this tape drive part of a robotic library?

Assuming you are using a tape library, are the entire library and all tape drives visible on the FC SAN to both the BE server and the NDMP server?

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