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How to Customize Filename .BKF in Backup EXEC

Created: 21 Oct 2013 • Updated: 22 Oct 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi everybody,

I have several backup jobs running in the same target, that generates BKF like B2D000288.BKF, so, how can i do to each job generates a customized filename .bkf for example TexasServer.bkf, AndroidServer.bkf, etc....

Thanks a lot


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Colin Weaver's picture

You can't

a) it has to be able to increment so that when the first bkf fills up the second one has a unique name

b) you can't name per server backed up, you can only use a prefix per server doing the backup (at least in 2010 R3 and earlier, not 100% sure if you can set the prefix at all in 2012)

lmosla's picture

as an add on to Colin Weaver, the .bkf cannot be renamed 

In Backup Exec under Disk storage details only the Disk storage name can be changed

edgudini's picture

Thanks for your answers, 

So, what can I do to recognize easily in a target from just one server several BKFs file?? for example I have a monthly backup from TexasServer: Jan2013, Feb2013. May I create by BE2012 folders to storage without create multiple jobs???

Thanks again!! 

pkh's picture

No.  BE 2012 only allows you to create one storage per volume.

Why do you care which disk media is used by which job for which server?  Let BE manage them for you.  All you need to do is to set the retention period correctly so that the backup set is not overwritten before they are needed.

Having said this, if you MUST know which media is used by which job, take a look at the joblog.  The media used is listed there.