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HOW TO: Decommission a Netbackup 5220 Appliance in Media Server config

Created: 01 Feb 2013 • Updated: 14 Jan 2015 | 4 comments
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Hello Folks,

I am looking for a documented process on how to decomission a Netbackup 5220 Appliance which is configured as a Media Server to a clustered Master Server.

5220: v2.5.1

Master Server: NBU

The 5220 has advanced disk pool and MSDP setup on the appliance and also has tape out.

We will likely be decomissioning it and then do a factory reset and set it up as a new Master Server......BUT looking for steps to decommision it properly from the Master Server first.

I have looked at the Appliance Admin Guide and there is a procedure there to decomission an Appliance Media Server from another Appliance Master Server, which is not appliable in my case.

Could someone direct me to high-level steps needed to decommission the 5220 Appliance Media Server.



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Firstly - what about the images on the advanced disk pool and MSDP?

Do you still need these images or can they be expired?
Decommissioning will be no different to any other MSDP media server.


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Marianne has the solution, just an additional thought. Instead of resetting the appliance I recommend reimaging the 5220. It takes longer but you do not get left with "ghost" configurations hanging around. Make sure that they free up the space taken by the restore data.

The above comments are not to be construed as an official stance of the company I work for; hell half the time they are not even an official stance for me.

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I agree that it would be better to reimage than to just factory reset.

About the technotes, they are helpful, I have a follow up question though -
1. One of the technotes talks specifically about decom of MSDP and the other one talks about the Media Server Decom. It looks to me like they both overlap in some places but are 2 different things.

So does the one that talks about removing MSDP pool needs to be executed first and then run through the second technote on removing the media server?

2. My environment has another home-grown MSDP pool and we dont need to remove that, the remove MSDP pool technote step 10 indicates to run a 'script', is there any further direction on what the script will execute? will it give a choice to select the MSDP pool to delete? I hope so because we do not want our other MSDP to be deleted.

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If you do a factory reset first the appliance runs through its own decomission process - it expires all images and removes all configuration from the Master Server - so it does it all for you

Once that is done you can re-image it from USB (which is always best)

If anythig does go wrong you will need to force the image expiries etc and remove configurations manually but when i have done factory resets it does it all for you

Hope this helps

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