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How to delete duplicate computer resource

Created: 19 Oct 2012 | 3 comments


I imported asset inventory csv through data connector after choosing option update existing resource it is not updating and it created duplicate assets.

E.g. We have 4500 asset in our environment and all are manage after importing csv now in asset report it showing 9000 and discover computer also 9000 in that 4500 manage clients.

In asset report it is now mix-up all

Now my challenge is how to delete that extra 4500 clients

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Triinu Gross's picture

With "asset" you mean different kinds of assets or only computers?
When you have duplicate computers, you might consider using the Duplicate Computer Merge task. This task can merge computers that have identical System Number, Serial Number, or Barcode.

You find this task in Symantec Management Console, under Manage > Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Service and Asset Management > CMDB > Duplicate Computer Merge.

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vikas1101's picture

Yes, After importing asset inventory csv through data connector after creating update exisiting import/export rule its not updating its created duplicate computers or you can say that inventory csv computers are added not updating on existing once.

I run the duplicate computer merge task but there is no any change

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Here are a couple of additonal things you can check.

1. Make sure that the Asset and Inventory synchronization task is enabled and that it has run. Until this happens the Duplicate Computer Merge won't work.

2. Make sure that the imported data populates at least one of the following fields: serial number, system number or barcode.

3. Run the Duplicate Computer Merge again with the appropriate merge field selected.