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How to delete from "published name for this agent" in BE agent utility

Created: 25 Nov 2012 | 6 comments


 i need to delete some multiple entries in the publishing tab of the remote agent

i don't know how do that

i add a print-screen 

Thanks a lot

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Open remote agent utility and click on Publishing Tab.Highlite name which you want to delete and click on Remove Tab.


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This information is taken from registry. I would like to know Why do you want to remove these entry?

We need these entries to be published for Enterprise vault backup.

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i have problem to backup only the index folder on EnterpriseVualt.

i got "Final error: 0xe0009502 - Backup Exec cannot place the Enterprise Vault vault stores or index locations into backup mode."

And found a solution that say 


  • Check if there are multiple entries in the publishing tab of the remote agent and remove the same if present.
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The entries which are in the bottom window shown in your snap cannot be removed are shown automatically so there is no way to manually edit or delete those entry 

Removing multiple entries is applicable if publishing tab that is above window has multiple entries and other than Media server

Please check below link to see if that helps

If still all above does not help then please ensure on first place BackupExec is fully patched up and try uninstalling and resintalling remote agent on EV server and SQL server and from the backup selection please right click on EV and delete it once and then rename the EVbackup.XML on EV server and finally restart the services for remote agent on Media server and EV server and SQl server and then try doing a backup again and check if that helps.



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The resource pointed out is the EV Monitoring database which is something always published by an EV server along with the Directory DB and the EV Site.  These resources don't reside on this server but Backup Exec depends on this publishing in order to properly detect that EV resources are present in the environment.  They can't be removed a and will be present as long as the Backup Exec EV agent is detecting and publishing EV resources.