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How to determine which media is used for a restore job BE 2012

Created: 15 May 2013 | 5 comments

Hi all,

we recently upgraded to BE 2012 and I have a problem when trying to restore data. We backup our data to tape and put it into a safe in another building. We have a lot of data and therefore we have many tapes. When I configure a restore job I can't find the info which tapes are needed for this restore.

In BE 2010 we got a job summary in which all related media was shown. I read this closed thread

In this thread it's stated that we have to search for the required media in the storage tab or look for the associated job log. I can't search all the media, because there are too many. And looking for the joblog doesn't help me either, because due to the standard settings, BE already deleted all joblogs older than 30 days.

So, how do I determine which tapes are used for a restore job?

Thanks, Stefan

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when you click on "restore" icon and go through the restore wizard look In the restore Summary part , right before you click finish to start the restore. There is a section called "Media Details " (towards the bottom). It tells you what media and location it needs to do the restore

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Hi zenboy, I don't have that section in my summary. See screenshot below:


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The issue might be that you are restoring from a disk backup set in that screen shot. when I do a restore from disk I get the same screen as you. When I do a restore from tape I get the info .

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Hi zenboy, thanks for your info, but the screenshot was from a Tape Restore. But I'm kind of relieved that the function should normally be there.

I did some more tests with Tape restores. If I try to restore from a backup set that was created after the server upgrade to 2012 I get the screen you mentioned. When I try to restore from a backup set before the upgrade the info is missing completely.

I think there might be a bug with the catalog. Thanks for your info, I will raise a ticket for Symantec.

Best regards, Stefan